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Amici was founded by two friends, who have a mutual interest in fashion and interiors. With our great selection of contacts in the clothing supply business, and in the home décor industry, we have been able to source some of the most desirable clothing and furnishings for your shopping experience. The AIM of our clothing and home décor boutique is to bring these superbly crafted items to the online market. The Amici adventure begins!!

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Our clothing and home décor boutique has another goal – to help abandoned dogs in Pisticci, Italy. A percentage of the profits goes towards the stray dogs of this area, for their food, wellbeing, and vets’ bills.

We have a connection with the dogs of Pisticci, and the local volunteers who look after dogs in the area. On hearing these dogs were due to be impounded, we decided to take them on, and they now have their own yard to play in, run by volunteers Giuseppe and Carmelina.

The names of the seven dogs are: Benny, Bob, Sally, Nipper, Archie, Edna & Sid.




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