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Faux Shearling Big Check Oversized Coat, available in 2 stunning colours.
Unique Text Bulbs! A Light Bulb Like No Other!
A Fabulous Oversized Faux Fur Hat!
Clothing And Home Décor Boutique coat


Something a little bit different

We have an eye for the quirky, the unusual, & fashion that will stand out from the flock. Your clothing should reflect you as a person, your personality, your style, and your exuberance, so we stock fashion items that have something different about them. 


Clothing And Home Décor Boutique home accessories



Fashion and Style you will love

Amici is a stylish and CHIC clothing and home decor boutique that was founded by two friends, who have a mutual interest in fashion and interiors. With our great selection of contacts in the clothing supply business, and in the home décor industry, we have been able to source some of the most desirable clothing and furnishings for your shopping experience. The AIM of our clothing and home décor boutique is to bring these superbly crafted items to the online market. The Amici adventure begins!!




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